Permanent office

If you take a permanent office, the GG126 Business Centre becomes your business home. You’ll enjoy preferential service and can make unlimited use of all the facilities. The size of your business is not important – you simply choose the module that suits your needs.

Choose the module that fits your requirements best

  • module type II:

    • 1 to 2 workspaces
    • 1 workspace set up
    • 20 m2
    • 2 windows to the outside
    • €640 per month

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  • module type III:

    • 2 to 4 workspaces
    • 3 workspaces set up
    • 30 m2
    • 3 windows to the outside
    • €960 per month

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  • module type IV:

    • 4 to 6 workspaces
    • 4 workspaces set up
    • 40 m2
    • 4 windows to the outside
    • €1280 per month

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Included with each module:

workspace set-up = table + office chair + cupboard on castors + large cupboard + coat stand

waste disposal


locked cupboard in the storage space

bicycle storage

parking space (not reserved)



option to use fitness centre

The worry-free way to do business in the long term
Included in this package:
  • reception of visitors (within office hours)
  • office furniture (for each workspace: table, office chair, cupboard on castors, large filing cabinet)
  • additional filing cabinet per office in storage area
  • meeting room free for 4 hours per week (booking mandatory)
  • power consumption (no separate charge)
  • heating costs (no separate charge)
  • water usage (no separate charge)
  • telephone subscription + devices (excluding call costs – monthly charge)
  • Internet subscription
  • use of shared printing, scanning and copying service (excludes actual consumables)
  • post distribution
  • office cleaned every two weeks, windows cleaned every two months
  • weekly rubbish removal (paper)
  • use of shared restrooms and cafeteria
  • municipal taxes and property taxes
  • bicycle storage
  • lounge waiting area
  • telephone answered during office hours
  • free parking
  • security and video surveillance
  • possibility to work outside normal office hours
  • general maintenance of building, gardens and car park
Other services available for a charge:
  • secretarial work (based on making a reservation)
  • telephone answered outside normal office hours
  • establishment of your registered office, start-up costs, logos and lettering, extra passes/keys
  • sandwiches and/or meal service
  • sending of registered letters, faxes, postage stamps, laminating and binding
  • digital camera
  • copying and plotting
  • IT support
  • guillotine
  • paper shredder
  • use of fitness area and showers
  • use of cafeteria outside normal office hours (catering service available)
  • videoconferencing, use of boardroom and/or training room